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Bimini Fittings

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At Canvas Designers, we have developed a method of creating Bimini Tops from measurements
using CAD. A 3-D bimini is modeled in Rhino CAD software using measurements taken in the
field. The frame is dimensioned for specs necessary to bend the tubing. The top, created by
'flattening' it's 3-D surfaces to a 2-D plane, is cut by the plotter/cutter.

All of our commonly used bimini fittings, including jaw slides, eye ends, deck hinges, and other
fittings have been modeled in CAD to assist bimini construction. The fittings are imported into
the drawing, oriented to fit the bows, and used to trim the bows to their final size. The fittings
also lend a pleasantly varied appearance to renderings of the 3D Bimini Top.

We sell these fittings for $285.00 per model.