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For more than 20 years, Canvas Designers has provided the best look in marine canvas for discerning yacht owners while maintaining integrity of design. A commitment to quality has set the standards that guide our building process. We have developed standards for all products, not only to ensure quality and efficiency in construction, but to reduce time, labor, and materials, as well as to reduce errors caused by lack of information.

Utilization of CAD technology has helped immensely the creation and enforcement of quality design standards. We have created custom toolbars in Rhino specially suited to the needs of repeatable jobs.

These toolbars make the most commonly used tools easily accessible, producing marked increases in job speed and noticeable improvement in job efficiency.

We sell these toolbars for $235.00 separately and as part of our CAD Package.

The CAD Package includes:

  • Proliner Version 8: $22,500.00
  • Rhino 3D: $995.00
  • Rhino to Carlson Exporter $500.00
  • CDI Custom Toolbars: $235.00