Get ready for MFA Southeast Regional Workshop 16 Sep 2022

Get ready for MFA Southeast Regional Workshop 16 Sep 2022

Get ready for MFA Southeast Regional Workshop at canvas designers

Marine fabricators association Canvas designersUpcoming MFA Southeast Regional Workshop hosted by ATA's Marine Fabricators Association (MFA). The workshop takes place Sept. 16–17 at Canvas Designers in Riviera Beach, FL. This event offers exclusive educational opportunities as well as hands-on training in a shop setting. View the full schedule below and register today. 


Friday, Sep. 16

12:30 – 1 pm

Registration Open

Pick up your badge and schedule.


1 – 2:30 pm

Shop Tour at Canvas Designers, Inc.

Explore the Canvas Designers, Inc. shop. Bring a notepad to jot down ideas for shop layout, tool and material storage options, and more.


2:30 – 4:30 pm

sunfly shade and poles Sunfly Poles, Rigging, and Patterning Techniques

The seminar will cover the growing trend of shades in the Marine Industry. It will take a detailed look into the poles, fabrics, designs, and rigging of shades on boats of all sizes. From large multi shade products to the simple shade off a tee top, this seminar will cover it all. From patterning, to sewing, to installation, every aspect of producing sunflys will be examined. Learn about the strength and engineering required to support these types of shades. You will leave this seminar with all the necessary knowledge to be an expert in the field.


4:30 – 5:30 pm

Meet & Greet / Tabletop Exhibits 

Get Social! Grow your network and meet the exhibitors.

Saturday, Sep. 17

8 – 9 am

Breakfast and Exhibitor Giveaways

Start your morning with a hearty meal with friends and a shot at some fabulous prizes.


9 – 11:30 am

mezzanine couch on Viking sportfish Modern Day Upholstery Trends and Methods of Design and Foam Fabrication Techniques

This seminar will take a deep dive into the Upholstery Department at Canvas Designers. MC’d by Mike Erickson with the help of all the Canvas Designers Upholstery Department talent. This is a seminar you won’t want to miss. Not only will this cover some of the basics of Marine Upholstery, but it will also share many tips on dealing with some very specific issues. From adjustable backrests on sunbeds to drop in backs rest add-ons, we will explore every aspect of design and fabrication. The seminar will touch on furniture frames, bedding, quilting, and everything in between. If you dabble in marine upholstery, this is the one to see.


11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Lunch / Tabletop Exhibits

Enjoy lunch with your colleagues and peruse the exhibits. 


12:30 – 2:30 pm

ez2cy enclosure Enclosures: Hard, Soft, and Patterning Variations

This demonstration will explore all the types of enclosures being produced by Canvas Designers. We will explore the various product offerings and the advantages of each. You’ll learn why product standards exist and how they save you time and money. We will explore the process all the way from Selling and Patterning to manufacturing and installation. You’ll learn about the various fabrics, clear products, adhesives, and standards in the arena of marine enclosures.


2:45 – 4:30 pm

mezzanine couch  on Viking sportfish  Stepping into the Digital Age with Canvas and Upholstery

Canvas Designers has led the industry in the modernization of techniques through the leveraging of technology in our industry. This is where it all started some 20-plus years ago. First, they will give a history and evolution of where technology is today. For those who have moved towards technology, this seminar will explore the future and current applications. For those considering getting into it, you will leave with a path and plan to success. From digitizing or scanning to CAD design to utilizing equipment that needs these files, you will see the technology in action at Canvas Designers. See why they still use every method, including old-school patterning. See why 2D and 3D are necessary and why many things are produced using 2D and why 3D isn’t even where the most return is for the money. Everyone will leave with a knowledge of what makes sense for your company’s technology future.

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