Interior Upholstery

Finding reliable interior marine upholstery services near your location is crucial for maintaining and enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your boat or yacht

Our Interior boat upholstery team helps you choose the materials and fabrics needed to cover and decorate the seats, walls, ceilings, headliners and other interior surfaces of a boat. Our purpose is to provide comfort, protection, and aesthetic appeal to the interior of your boat.

interior upholstery sofa

We use high quality marine fabric like Sunbrella Horizon and Ultra leather.

With 52 custom CNC stitched patterns available, you get the look and feel you desire. Our machine has the largest sewing area of its type available in the U.S. 

Sewn with ZSK CNC embroidery machine.
We can continuously sew a panel area of 51 by 54 inches

Our foams give a three-dimensional look and feel and  tricot backing already applied to them. 

We offer custom foam options.

 Custom quilting is available, we use ½-inch as our standard thickness and go down to 3/8-inch or ¼-inch only when we have a very small pattern and are looking to have a flattering look.

All cushions are sewn with high quality thread available in many colors. 

Mezzanine couch  with outlaw pillows

Interior Sofa

When designing a custom interior yacht upholstery, it's important to get a professional yacht interior designer involved who has experience in designing and building custom furniture for your boats or yacht. We ensure that the sofa is functional, comfortable, and stylish, and take into account all the unique requirements you have.


Interior Boat Dinette 

Each custom dinette is designed and manufactured specifically for the interior of your boat. We take into account that the boat interior upholstery needs to be a comfortable functional and stylish seating area. Our dinettes take into account size and shape, materials and style.


Barstools and Chairs

Our interior marine bar stools are designed to be used in the interior of a boat or yacht. We specifically design all our interior upholstery to withstand all the marine environments and made from materials that are resistant to wear, and UV rays. When it comes to designing interior marine bar stool or barrel chairs there are several factors to consider. 


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