Ship Shape TV

Changing out the headliner or interior walls of your boat? Part 19 of the TACO Marine Project boat provides three time-saving tips for installing headliners and wall coverings.

Shipshape TV - TACO Marine Project Boat Part 19 – Interior Headliner

Part 20 of the TACO Marine and the Ship Shape TV Project Boat provides insight on how foam density selection is based on wether the area is primarily going to be used for sitting or sleeping. For each area, combinations of different densities of foam are used for maximum comfort. Plus, an interior designer provides helpful tips on when to use plain and patterned fabrics.

Shipshape tv - TACO Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV: Part 20 – Bolsters and Cushions

Ship Shape TV and TACO Marine provide 3 time-saving tips for installing headliners and wall coverings on the interior of your boat.

Shipshape tv - TACO Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV: Part 19 – Interior

In Part 28, we discuss the Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat's final interior design, and show you how custom pillows and comforters for boats are made.

Shipshape tv - Boat Interior Design: Part 28 The Taco Marine Project Boat

Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine provide tips on how to install the new hard top for the Taco Marine Project Boat that prevents moisture intrusion and possible future cracking. Featured playlist

Shipshape tv - Taco Marine Project Boat Part 18 – Installing the Frame and Top

Shipshape TV got together with the professionals at Canvas Designers for new interior bolsters and cushions for the TACO Marine Project Boat.

Shipshape tv - TACO Marine Project Boat Part 20 – Bolsters & Cushions

The cool thing about Part 29, of the Ship Shape TV and TACO Marine Project boat? There is a way to add protection from the sun to your boat, and to keep cool.

Shipshape tv - How to Add Shade to Your Boat: Part 29 the TACO Marine Project Boat

Easy to update and install new portlights which can help make your boat new looking again. See how easy they are to install ...

Shipshape tv - TACO Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV: Part 21 – Portlights

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Shipshape tv - Can you see through your t-top?

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Shipshape tv - Zipper replacement and fabric replacement on softtop.

Shipshape tv - Sunbrella boat covers

Shipshape tv - Sunbrella engine covers

Sunbrella fabric tips

Shipshape tv - Sunbrella tips

Shipshape tv - Replacing and measuring headliner

Shipshape tv - Replacing headliner and choosing sunbrella fabric

Ship Shape TV: Revolutionizing Boat Improvement with Expert Canvas Designers

Welcome to the world of "Ship Shape TV," the groundbreaking half-hour television series dedicated to boat improvement. Mirroring the format of today's most popular home improvement shows, Ship Shape TV stands out with its focus on nautical innovation and the involvement of expert canvas designers.

Innovative Boat Improvement Tips:
Each episode of Ship Shape TV offers viewers a treasure trove of tips and tricks for boat maintenance and enhancement. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a new boat owner, our show provides practical advice, from engine maintenance to aesthetic upgrades, making boat care easier and more enjoyable.

Expert Canvas Designers:
One of the highlights of Ship Shape TV is our collaboration with leading canvas designers. These experts bring a unique blend of creativity and functionality, designing custom canvas solutions that not only protect your boat but also enhance its appearance. Learn how to choose the right materials, understand the design process, and see the transformative impact of a well-designed boat canvas.

Interactive Segments:
Ship Shape TV is more than just a show; it's an interactive experience. We encourage viewer participation, answering your burning questions about boat improvement. Our segments often feature real-life scenarios, providing hands-on solutions to common boating challenges.

Latest Trends and Technologies:
Stay ahead of the curve with Ship Shape TV as we explore the latest trends and technologies in the boating world. From eco-friendly practices to advanced navigation systems, we cover it all, ensuring you're well-informed about the best ways to upgrade and maintain your vessel.

Whether you're looking to revamp your boat with the latest canvas designs or seeking practical maintenance tips, Ship Shape TV is your go-to source. Join us for insightful, engaging content that transforms the way you think about boat improvement.

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