Discover the Clarity and Durability of EZ2CY Boat Enclosures

Discover the Clarity and Durability of EZ2CY Boat Enclosures

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When it comes to selecting the perfect boat enclosure, clarity, durability, and functionality are paramount. EZ2CY boat enclosures have set the standard in providing exceptional protection and visibility for boaters worldwide. This blog post will discuss the unique features and benefits of EZ2CY boat enclosures. Boat owners highly favor these enclosures.

Unmatched Visibility

EZ2CY's commitment to maximizing visibility is evident in every enclosure they craft. The strategic placement of zippers and panels ensures unobstructed views, eliminating common issues like corner zipper blockages. Boaters can see the sea clearly with EZ2CY enclosures, great for those who want unobstructed views.

Superior Materials for Lasting Performance

What sets EZ2CY apart is the use of impact-modified acrylic in their enclosures. This material doesn't turn yellow or get hazy and is very clear, even clearer than real glass. EZ2CY enclosures last for many years thanks to their strong threads and Stamoid fabric, which keep them in great condition.

Designed for Easy Maintenance

Maintaining an EZ2CY boat enclosure is as straightforward as it gets. The need for only soap and water for cleaning means that keeping your enclosure looking its best is a hassle-free process. This ease of maintenance ensures that your boat enclosure remains a clear, clean window to the world, no matter where your adventures take you.

EZ2CY Boat Enclosure Maintenance: A Guide to Effortless Upkeep

Keeping your EZ2CY boat enclosure in pristine condition is crucial for ensuring the longevity and clarity of your investment. EZ2CY makes maintenance easy and efficient, keeping your enclosure clear and clean for your maritime adventures. EZ2CY has cleaning products that improve and safeguard your enclosure, in addition to regular soap and water cleaning.

EZ2CY Cleaner and Polish Products

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EZ2CY - Cleaner and Polish Combo

  • Price: $44.75
  • Designed specifically for EZ2CY enclosures, this combo provides everything you need for maintenance. It not only cleans the surface but also polishes it, leaving a protective layer that shields against the elements.
EZ2CY Cleaner and Polish 7 OZ

EZ2CY Cleaner & Polish 7oz

  • Price: $23.75
  • This 7oz option is great for small spaces or for those wanting to try it out. It has the same great cleaning and polishing abilities as the larger version.

EZ2CY Cleaner & Polish 14oz

EZ2CY Cleaner and Polish Products 14 oz
  • Price: $29.95
  • For bigger spaces or more often cleaning, the 14oz choice gives more for complete care.

Unparalleled Benefits

Ultimate Protection:

EZ2CY Cleaner Polish protects your enclosure from the environment, keeping it in great condition during your travels.

Lustrous Finish:

After using it, your enclosure will have a shiny and clear appearance, making it look like new.

Anti-Static and Anti-Fog Properties:

We keep dust and dirt away, prevent fog, and ensure clear views in any weather.

Water-Shed Properties:

Water beads and rolls off the enclosure surface, significantly reducing water spots and maintaining clarity.

Versatile Use:

You can use this cleaner and polish for EZ2CY enclosures, clear vinyl enclosures, and boat surfaces.

Scratch-Removing Capabilities

EZ2CY Cleaner & Polish can restore worn enclosures, like those with scratches or scuffs, to their original clarity and brilliance.

Versatile Applications Beyond EZ2CY Enclosures

The versatility of EZ2CY Cleaner & Polish extends its utility across the boat:

  • Conventional Clear Vinyl Enclosures: Ensures comprehensive enclosure maintenance.
  • Plastic Enclosure Tracks: Keeps tracks operating smoothly.
  • Eyeglasses, Instrument Covers, and Hatches: Provides clarity and protection for a variety of surfaces.

The Importance of Isinglass Cleaner

Isinglass cleaners, such as EZ2CY's products, give clear shine, protect from UV rays, and prevent fog. They are important for keeping visibility and staying safe from the weather.

Canvas Designers: Your Partner in Maritime Excellence

At Canvas Designers, we recognize the value of your EZ2CY boat enclosure. That's why we recommend EZ2CY Cleaner & Polish as the ultimate solution for preserving your enclosure's clarity and longevity. This product is a must-have for boaters who want to keep their enclosure in great shape. It possesses great features, is easy to use, and users can utilize it in many ways.

Maintaining your EZ2CY boat enclosure doesn't have to be a chore. Keep your boat enclosure clear, protected, and beautiful with the right products and a little effort.

Customization and Care

EZ2CY designs boat enclosures with customization in mind, understanding that each boat and owner has unique needs. Whether you're concerned about ventilation, durability, or ease of use, EZ2CY addresses these needs head-on. Boat has vents for airflow and comfort, but not too much wind.

Warranty and Service

Backing their commitment to quality, EZ2CY boat enclosures come with a five-year limited warranty. EZ2CY simplifies the process of shipping boat enclosures to their main facility in West Palm Beach, FL. This helps boat owners keep their enclosures in good condition.

Protecting Your Investment

Choosing an EZ2CY boat enclosure improves your boating and increases your vessel's resale value. These enclosures are durable and of high quality, making them a valuable and wise investment for any boat.

Avoiding Counterfeits

In a market where imitation products are common, ensuring the authenticity of your EZ2CY boat enclosure is crucial. Purchasing from EZ2CY-listed shops guarantees you receive the genuine article, protecting you from the pitfalls of counterfeit products.


EZ2CY boat enclosures represent the pinnacle of design, functionality, and durability in the boating world. With EZ2CY, boat owners get better visibility, durable materials, easy maintenance, and protection for their investment. EZ2CY enclosures make boating enjoyable by providing clear and long-lasting protection. Seeing is believing when it comes to the quality of these enclosures.

EZ2CY offers excellent quality and service for new boat enclosures and upgrades. They strive to make your boating experience amazing.

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