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Fender Hook Repair & Refurbishment

Worn and weathered Fender Hooks can look unsightly, with heavy chaffing on the leather topside.
Damaged cam-cleats can cause fender fender-line misplacement, leading to unnecessary marks on the vessel.

Fenderhooks LLC offer a cost-effective solution when compared to purchasing from new.

Our Hook repair and refurbishment service can include:

Stainless-Steel Components

Maximize the efficiency of your Fender Hooks and prevent line chafing by renewing your stainless steel components.

Premium grade Leather

We use marine-grade leather to ensure longevity and colorfastness. Choose from a variety of colors available. Black, Tan, White, Navy, Swade Black 

British Shearling Sheepskin

Over time, natural Sheepskin will age and weather – which can affect aesthetics and, in turn, increase the risk of marking the vessel.

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About Our FenderHooks

Fenderhooks are carefully handcrafted, beginning with the shank made from 316L stainless steel. It is sheared to the proper length. The corners are rounded with a 1/2 radius and polished smooth. 

 There are no sharp corners that will pierce the deck or cut the leathers. As an added benefit to rounded corners, ‘dog eared’ square corners are eliminated. Countersunk holes are punched for bolting using stainless steel hardware. WOW LEATHER

It's the tanning process that imparts the characteristics of WOW™ leather. (Water-resistant, Oil resistant, Water Resistant.) STAINLESS STEEL

All of the metal components used to manufacture FenderHooks are made of 316L stainless steel. This grade of steel is durable and rust-resistant.SHEEPSKIN

Soft sheepskin lines the inside the FenderHook to protect paint and varnish from chafing. The sheep's skin is tanned to withstand marine conditions. 

Fender hook spec sheet

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