EZ2cy - Proper care and use

Proper Care & Use of EZ2CY®

ez2cy enclosureInitial Care:

Initial and occasional use of EZ2CY® Enclosure Cleaner/Polish removes static that attracts dust and makes future washing easier. This product is easy to use and has anti-fog properties as well as helping to shed water. Use of Kleenex® Viva White paper towels is suggested for this procedure since they are soft, absorbent towels and leave little to no residue behind.

Normal Washing:

Rinse the salt off your enclosure with fresh water after each day of use and periodically when exposed to salt air. More extensive cleaning may be accomplished with the use of common boat soaps in conjunction with a soft mitt reserved for this duty. Follow with a fresh water rinse. A squeegee or water blade, having no sharp edges, may also be used if so desired.

Zipper Care:

Unzipping and washing of zippers with soap and water followed by a thorough rinsing of fresh water is recommended. If zipper tape is especially dirty, use a light solution of Woolite®-type fabric cleaner followed by a thorough rinsing with fresh water. DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF LUBRICANT!


If desired, wax EZ2CY® with a good quality auto paste wax (avoid waxes with color).  Follow by wiping with a damp cloth to remove static.


Most scratches can be removed by hand polishing with EZ2CY® Scratch Remover.  Use of electric buffer may facilitate: Keep moving over area, use light pressure, keep area moist using spray bottle with clean water. Rinse and follow with EZ2CY® Enclosure Cleaner/Polish.


Window cleaning sprays, RAINEX®, Kitchen Scouring Compounds, solvents such as Acetone, Lacquer Thinner or cleaners that contain alcohol, any form of lubricant. CAUTION needs to be exercised when using metal cleaner on pipe work that is adjacent to the enclosure!

Removing, Opening, and Closing Panels

Removing Panels from Boat:

EZ2CY® Enclosures are designed to remain on the boat. The probability of scratching or damaging a panel in the process of removing or replacing far outweighs any benefit of storage. If panels must be removed, contact an EZ2CY® Dealer near you.

Opening and Closing Panels:

Open only those panels designed to be opened. At time of installation your dealer will demonstrate and give specific instructions for opening and closing your EZ2CY® Enclosure. Some general rules apply to all opening panels:

When opening or closing an EZ2CY® Panel caution should be taken to prevent excessive bending. When handling panels the wind can be an important factor.  If under way, reduce boat speed. Turn boat if required to eliminate excess wind.

Vertical zippers must be open to the top track (sliding panels: fully open and separate zippers). Hold panel with one hand while unzipping bottom zipper.  This will give you control of the panel. Pull panel in and up to top; fasten appropriately (sliding panels:  slide panel and fasten appropriately). 

If panels are rubbing on each other, insert a paper towel, clear suction cup or similar soft product to prevent scratching.

Hold the panel with one hand while opening the bottom zipper. This will give you better control of the panel.

For hinged panels, pull the panel in and up, fastening appropriately. For sliding panels, slide the panel completely open and make sure that it is properly fastened.

EZ2CY® Panels are designed to remain on the boat. The cost and likelihood of scratching or breaking a panel in the process of removing it far outweighs any benefit of storage. If you absolutely must remove your panels, please contact your EZ2CY® Dealer for help.

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