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How to Order

Follow the steps listed below.

1. Contact Us For Pricing (email only, no phone)Get Pricing2. Select Your Pattern3. Select Your Thread4. Print and Complete Order FormOrder Form5. Print AUD AddressAddress Label6. Ship Material and Order form to AUD

Once we receive your order, it will automatically go into our standard production queue. We will notify you when your order has been completed. At that time, your full payment is due prior to shipping your finished order to you.

Please note that expedited production requests may require additional fees. Design and programming fees will apply to any pattern modifications and custom orders.

Serafil Threads

Our CNC sewing equipment is designed to work with high quality threads. We use Serafil Threads as they not only work well with our equipment, but offer a wide variety of color choices and are extremely durable.


Our Embroidery System allows us to create custom and specialty designs on various materials. We collaborate with you to design and create that special look for your interior projects.

Boat Interiors

Our stitching process and designs will help to make your client’s boat the hottest thing on the water. Choose from multiple patterns and threads. Our process enables you to offer designs that cannot be easily created or replicated by human hands. We offer fast turn around and incredible attention to detail.


Save time and money

We do all the pattern stitching.

Beautiful layouts

Patterns available create visual impact. Great for many applications including; panels and inserts.

Repetition precision

Our automation system allows for patterns not possible by human hands.

We Specialize in Upholstery Companies

You send us the raw material to be sewn. Select one of our thread colors. We do the rest.

World-Class Upholstery Stitching

We are the one stop supplier for the upholstery industry to send all of their stitching needs, offering CNC stitching, laser etching and perforation, decorative stitching, embroidery, and laser trim for the upholstery and trim community.