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Ez2cy Enclosure

EZ2CY® is a premium, bonded, the acrylic product which is stronger than traditional flexible and polycarbonate clear products.  

EZ2CY® Enclosures

  • Stay safe and comfortable in any kind of weather with EZ2CY® enclosures.
  • EZ2CY enclosures are able to meet and exceed customer expectations on such a consistent basis because they are made from quality components.

  • Whether flexible or rigid, EZ2CY® enclosures are lightweight, crystal clear, and long-lasting. Whether custom-fit your Boston Whaler or a full motor yacht, our enclosures are precisely measured for a custom fit, and they last season after season.


EZ2CY and Soft Enclosures
EZ2CY® Soft Enclosures

The ability to design the best enclosure for your boat is something that we have perfected over the years.

Our soft enclosures are constructed with the finest materials in the industry and we top off the enclosure by getting the best pattern possible for the best fit and look you could ask for.

These soft enclosures will protect the investment in your vessel and compliment the lines of your boat.

EZ2CY enclosureEz2cy center console Enclosure

EZ2CY Enclosure 

EZ2CY with EZ ventSoft ez2cy enclosure

EZ2CY enclosure on Viking yacht